Historic Preservation Commission

Westfield is a compact suburban town with many highly valued qualities – a vibrant pedestrian oriented downtown, a centrally located train station, tree-lined neighborhoods with handsome houses spaced close enough to be neighborly yet far enough part to provide private yards, dynamic cultural institutions, and public parks and playgrounds. These qualities make Westfield a desirable place to live. It is perhaps less widely understood that many of these valuable features are also historic resources – the product of three centuries of creating home and community in Westfield.

The Town of Westfield has recognized that there is a public interest in preserving the town’s history resources. The Westfield Historic Preservation Commission is established by municipal ordinance, and have designated a number of historic sites and districts.

Design guidelines were written and adopted to assist the Historic Preservation Commission in its review of proposed work on designated history properties, and to guide property owners in planning and designing their construction projects. The guidelines are intended to help protect the community’s history buildings and places, to expedite and ensure consistency in local decision-making and to benefit property owners by clarifying community expectations.

Designated history sites and districts in Westfield comprise only a small portion of the town’s history buildings and environments. Owners of these residential and commercial properties in Westfield are encouraged to apply these guidelines, as appropriate, when planning repairs, additions or new construction.

Attached Document or FileWestfield Historic Home Map Map of historic homes within the Town of Westfield

Westfield Historic Preservation Commission 2018 Meeting Schedule

2018 schedule of Westfield Historic Preservation Commission meetings. Meetings are held in Council Chambers of the Westfield Municipal Building, 425 East Broad Street, Westfield, New Jersey at 7:30 p.m. for the purpose of acting on items that may be before the Commission.

425 East Broad Street - Westfield, New Jersey 07090 - 908.789.4040