July 2, 2007 Planning Board Meeting

7:00 p.m. Executive Session for Planning Board will be held in the Chambers Conference Room.



JULY 2, 2007



7:30 P.M.

To the June 4, 2007 meeting.
The following are memorializations of Board action taken at the meeting held on  June 4, 2007:
03-08(V)Weldon Materials, Inc., 141 Central Avenue, Block 3107, Lot 12; seeking an extension of Final Major Site Plan with variances approved August 4, 2003.
07-08Michael Mahoney, LLC, 250 Hyslip, Block 2802, Lot 10; seeking Minor Subdivision.  Applicant proposes to subdivide existing oversized lot of 12,750 square feet into two residential building lots of 6, 375 square feet which totally conform to all requirements of the Land Use Ordinance.  Existing two-story frame structure to be demolished and two single family residences to be constructed.  Application submitted 4/12/07.
07-06(V) Edward & Dina Orr, 754 & 760 West Broad Street, Block 2704, Lots 29 & 30 seeking minor subdivision.  Applicant proposes a boundary line adjustment that will add 20 feet to Lot 30 on West Broad and reduce the street frontage on Lot 29 by 20 feet.  Application submitted 3/22/07.
07-07(V)William B. Bonsall, DC and Antonio Pugliese, DC, 812 Central Avenue, Block 4801, Lot 9; seeking Site Plan Approval.  Applicant proposes to open a chiropractic office at the site and is requesting variance relief from the following:  Application submitted 4/23/07.
1.  06-14(V)

Charles Pijanowski, 37 Cowperthwaite Place, Block 2505, Lot 2 seeking Preliminary & Final Major Site Plan.  Applicant seeks to replace the existing single-family residential structure with a conforming 3-story mixed use structure containing two offices on the first floor and two apartments, one on the second floor and the other on the third floor.  Application submitted on 04/05/06.

                        List of New 40:55D-70c and d variances requested:

§11.26E.2 requires the side yard setback to be one-half (1/2) the building height.  Present is 1.23 feet.  Proposed is 3.l6 feet.

§11.26E.3 requires a minimum rear yard setback of 35 feet.  Present is 10 feet.  Proposed is 10 feet.

                        §17.02B.4 requires 15 parking spaces.  Present is 0.  Proposed is 0.

§17.02C.5.6  requires 7  parking spaces for 1300 square feet of  professional office space.  Present is 0.  Proposed is 0.

§17.02C1.g requires 1.3 parking spaces per residential apartment equaling 3 parking spaces for this property.  Present is 0.  Proposed is 0.

§11.26F.1 requires the window area of the front façade to be 40%.  Present is 0.  Proposed is 13.6%
2.  06-25

JULIE A. MARSELLA, 200 Canterbury Road, Block 2203, Lot 12 seeking Minor Subdivision with no variances.  Applicant seeks to subdivide existing lot into two single-family lots; existing house would remain. Applicant proposes to construct one new single family dwelling on newly created lot.  Application deemed complete:  November 8, 2006.  45 day review date:  December 23, 2006.  Extension granted.

List of 40:55D-70c and d variances requested pertinent to Lot 12 (proposed Lot 12.01):

§11.06E3 requires a minimum lot frontage of 80 feet.  Present and proposed is 67.17 feet

§11.06E5 requires a minimum front yard setback of 40 feet.  Present and proposed is 35.74 feet

§11.06E5 requires a minimum street side yard of 20 feet.  Present is 2.51 feet.

§11.06E6 requires a minimum side yard setback of 15 feet.  Present and proposed is 12.64 feet.


The following application has been carried to the August 6, 2007 meeting.

5.  06-30(V)

Ralph Rapuano, 766 & 772 Prospect Street, Block 603, Lots 44 & 45; seeking Minor Subdivision with variances.  Applicant proposes to subdivide two existing lots into three lots.  Application submitted on 09/05/06.  Application reviewed 10/18/06.  Revised plans received 12/01/06. Application deemed complete February 27, 2007.  45 day decision date April 13, 2007.

List of New c.40:55D-70c and d variances requested:

§11.08E5 requires a front yard setback (EFYD) of 25 feet.  Present is 27.9 feet and 22.5 feet.  Proposed is 40 feet, 40 feet, and 133 feet. 

§11.08E2  requires a minimum area within the first 134 feet of depth of 8,000 feet.  Present is 9,173 feet and 11,640 feet.  Proposed is 4,502 feet.

§11.08E2 requires a minimum lot width of 60 feet.  Present is 76.60 feet and 97 feet.  Proposed is 33.60 feet.

§11.08E4  requires a minimum frontage of 60 feet.  Present is 76.66 feet and 97 feet.  Proposed is 33.60 feet.

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