April 7, 2008 Planning Board Meeting



425 East Broad Street

Council Chambers


April 7, 2008 

7:00 p.m. Executive Session - Chambers Conference Room 
For Review: 
7:30 P.M.  Regular Monthly Meeting 




MINUTES:March 3, 2008 and March 13, 2008
The following applicant is seeking permission to retain non-conforming conditions. 
1.  07-24(V)

In-Town Condominium Construction Company, 111-129 Prospect Street, Block 2506, Lots 6, 7 & 8, Amended Site Plan.  Applicant is seeking amended Site Plan approval to retain three signs, on a temporary basis, contrary to the following Sections of the Land Use Ordinance:

    List of 40:55D-70c and d variances requested

§16.04R1 – Ordinance allows a sign size of 4 square feet.  Present and proposed is  210.83 square feet.

§16.07F – Ordinance allows no signs attached to a fence.  Present and proposed are 2 signs.

§16.04R4 – Ordinance allows one construction sign.  Present and proposed are 2.

§16.04R4a – Ordinance allows a sign size of 9 square feet.  Present and proposed is 60 square feet.

§16.04R4c – Ordinance requires sign setback of 10 feet.  Present and proposed is 0 feet.

Application deemed complete January 15, 2008.  120 day decision date May 14, 2008. 

2.  07-20

Echo Lake Country Club, 515 Springfield Avenue, Block 1501/1601, Lots 2/2.   Applicant proposes the dredging of an existing decorative pong, construction of an irrigation pond, realignment of pathways and construction of 576 square foot utility building.  This application does not propose any changes to the number of lots or blocks or use of the property.   


A&R Westfield Broad Street, LLC, 21 East Broad Street,  Block 2506, Lot 12, Preliminary And Final Major Site Plan Approval with Variances.  Applicant seeks to construct a one-story retail building on a vacant lot which will have as tenants a retail store and a restaurant.   

Applicant seeks variances from the following provisions of the Land Use Ordinance of the Town of Westfield. 

List of New C.40:55D70c Variances Requested:

§17.02B5 Ordinance requires 16 parking spaces per requirements by zone calculation.  Applicant proposes 2 spaces.

§17.02C7 a & s Ordinance requires 42 parking spaces by use requirement calculation.  Applicant proposes 2 spaces.

§17.02E1 Ordinance requires one (1) off- street loading space.  Applicant is not providing an off-street loading space.

§17.04A Ordinance requires parking space dimensions  to be 9 feet  by  20 feet.

Applicant proposes parking space dimensions of  9 feet  by  18 feet.

§17.05B  Ordinance requires the driveway width for two-way traffic to be 20 feet.

Applicant proposes a driveway width of 10 feet.

§17.05C  Ordinance requires access aisle dimension to be 24 feet.  Applicant proposes a parking access aisle dimension of  19.78 feet.

§16.04 E1B  Ordinance restricts the maximum sign mounting height to 12 feet. 

Applicant proposes a sign mounting height of 15.5 feet.

§16.04E1 Ordinance limits the number of signs to two (2) (one per tenant).  Applicant proposes five (5) signs.

§17.10C Ordinance provides the level of illumination at ground level shall not exceed

five-tenths (0.5) of a footcandle at the property line, nor three-tenths (0.3) of  a footcandle at any property line abutting a property used by or zoned for residential use.  The level of  illumination exceeds five-tenths (0.5) of a footcandle at the property lines, one of which property line is of  a property to be used by a residential use. 

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