November 2, 2009




November 2, 2009






ADOPTION OF MINUTES: From the October 5, 2009 meeting

ADOPTION OF RESOLUTIONS: From the October 5, 2009 meeting

PB 09-09(V) Anthony R, and Mary M. Davis 200 E. Grove Street, Block 4803, Lot 1. . Applicant proposed to construct a second story addition to be used as a residence on an existing one-story building and to construct a two-car garage. Applicant sought Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan approval with the following variances: a side yard setbacks of .18 ft and 1 foot where 12 feet is required, a maximum building coverage of 36.88% where 25% is allowed, an all improvement coverage of 78.88% where 50% is allowed, 15 parking spaces where 37 are required by zone and 20 are required by use. Application approved with conditions.

PB09-08 Allan Chrone, 766 Prospect Street, Block 603, Lot 44.01 and 769 Lenape Trail Block 603, Lot 9. Applicant sought minor subdivision approval to subdivide Block 603, Lot 44.01 into a front lot that is 200 feet deep and a rear lot that is 185 feet deep. The rear lot will be acquired by the adjoining property at 769 Lenape Trail, Block 603, Lot 9. Application approved with conditions.


1. PB09-05(V)The Estate of Eileen G. Farley 745-761 Lenape Trail seeks approval to subdivide Block 603, Lots 10 & 11 (commonly known as 745-761 Lenape Trail) into two distinct building lots with a lot line adjustment to enlarge Lot 10 and minimize its non-conformance with RS-24 requirements of minimum lot depth. The property was initially purchased as two separate and distinct building lots; the lots were subsequently merged together by the Town.

The Application requires variance relief pertinent to the following requirements of the Westfield Land Use Ordinance:

MINIMUM LOT DEPTH - The applicant seeks approval for subdivision of a single lot into two building lots, with one lot having a lot depth of 101.38 feet; Section 11.04.E.4 of the Westfield Land Use Ordinances requires a minimum lot depth of 160 feet.

Application deemed complete September 25, 2009. 120 day decision date January 23, 2010.

2. PB_09-03 Jim Peterson & Cliff Peterson, 203-209 Livingston Avenue 4

Applicant seeks permission to convey 1,050 sq. ft. from 203 Livingston Street, Block 4002, existing Lot 13 to be annexed to 209 Livingston Street, Block 4002, existing Lot 10 and further seeks approval of a subdivision of existing Lot 10 in Block 4002 to create two conforming lots for the purpose of building two duplex homes. Applicant is seeking use (d) variance approval to subdivide existing Lot 13 due to a non-conforming use (a two family home) existing on this property not in conformance with Article 19.01A.2. Application deemed complete September 29, 2009. 45 day decision date November 13, 2009.

3. PB 09-11(V) Ruoff Restaurant Developer, LLC, d/b/a/ The Turning Point, 137 Central Avenue. Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan with variances. Applicant proposes to convert approximately 4359 square feet of vacant first floor retail space in a building of approximately 19,000 square feet to a full service restaurant with 120 seats. The premises are located in the CBD Zone. Applicant seeks variances from the following provisions of the Land Use Ordinance of the Town of Westfield.

List of New C:40:55 D-70 c variances requested:

§17.02B5 - Ordinance requires 63 parking spaces per requirements by zone calculation. Present are 52 spaces. Proposed are 52 spaces.

§17.02C 7.r - Ordinance requires 99 total parking spaces by use calculation. Present are 52 spaces. Proposed are 52 spaces.

Application deemed complete October 16, 2009. 120 day decision date February 13, 2010.




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