September 15, 2010 (Special Meeting Sunshine Notice




Planning Board

Town of Westfield

The Planning Board of the Town of Westfield, New Jersey will hold a special meeting on September 15, 2010 in Council Chambers in the Municipal Building, 425 E. Broad Street, Westfield, New Jersey at 6:30 pm to hear and consider the following appeal for preliminary and final minor site plan approval. Formal action may be taken at that meeting.

Echo Lake Country Club, 515 Springfield Avenue, Block 1501, Lot 2, and Block 1601, Lot 2.

Applicant is seeking preliminary and final minor site plan approval to demolish the existing pool and pool house and to construct a new pool and pool house.

Variances, waivers or exceptions from certain site plan details or relief from requirements may be sought as appropriate.

The application and plans are on file in the office of the Secretary of the Board of Adjustment, 959 North Avenue West, Westfield, New Jersey and may be seen Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Kris McAloon

Secretary, Planning Board

425 East Broad Street - Westfield, New Jersey 07090 - 908.789.4040