Town of Westfield Snow Plowing Request

Snow Removal Request

Municipal roadways are generally tended to in the following order: arterial roads, school areas, collector roads, inclines and known trouble areas, the downtown area, secondary roads, and tertiary roads, dead ends, and cul de sacs.  The amount of time it takes for a plow to arrive on a particular road is dependent upon many factors, most significantly, the volume and composition of snow, when the snowfall begins, and the duration of the storm.  Due to the many variables involved, it is not possible to be able to project exactly when a specific street will be plowed.

Although no street will be forgotten, it is understandable that residents need reassurance that the plows are working their way to their location.

If you are concerned that your street is not yet plowed, please enter your address below so you can be sure that the Department of Public Works is aware of your location.

425 East Broad Street - Westfield, New Jersey 07090 - 908.789.4040