Retail Food Inspections

Inspections of retail food establishments are conducted on a semi-annual basis. The inspections are to determine compliance with Chapter 24 of the New Jersey State Sanitary Code, as well as with local ordinances and regulations.

Rating Categories

Based upon the inspection a posting is given to the facility in one of the following categories

  • Satisfactory Rating (white placard with black border) - The issuance of a Satisfactory posting reflects overall compliance with sanitary regulations and the existence of only minor violations needing to be addressed by the next annual inspection.
  • Conditionally Satisfactory Rating (yellow placard) - A Conditionally Satisfactory posting is given when an establishment contains violations of a nature not deemed to be an immediate threat to health. The establishment is given a maximum period of thirty days to address the violations and is subject to a re-inspection to determine if compliance has been met.
  • Unsatisfactory Rating (red placard) - The issuance of an Unsatisfactory rating denotes violations deemed to be and immediate threat to public health. The establishment is requested to voluntarily close to immediately address the violations. If the establishment refuses to comply, immediate court action is initiated to close the establishment until all violations have been corrected.

Investigations are conducted relating to reports of food-borne illnesses and general food complaints.


Classes are also offered to retail food establishment personnel to teach methods of safe food handling. Information on registering for the classes may be obtained by emailing the Health Department or calling the Health Department at 908-789-4070.