Raffle License

Full Packet for Operating a Raffle in the Town of Westfield

The below packet has been designed to assist registered organizations with the games of chance process and is meant to be used as a guide. Only organizations that have registered and have been issued a Registration Certificate (identification card) by the New Jersey Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission are eligible to conduct games of chance.

New Jersey Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission

The New Jersey Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission has full authority over games of chance. It is important to visit the website for Legalized Games of Chance for current information, registration forms, applications and sample raffle tickets.

Additional Contact Information

You may also contact the Westfield Town Clerk's Office at 908-789-4030, ext. 4034, for further assistance, when applying for games of chance licenses. License applications and other required forms are also included in this packet.


Local Ordinance Renewals: NJSP SBI 212A Submission Instructions

  1. Visit the website: Criminal History Background Check
  2. Enter the Westfield Police Department ORI#: NJ0202000
  3. Select Local Ordinance: Raffle License
  4. Description of Reason for Filing Request: Raffle License
  5. Once the form is completed you will be instructed as to the method of payment. The fee is $20.00
  6. Once the form is "accepted", the Westfield Police Department will be advised of the results.