1. Background
  2. Redevelopment Study Resolutions
  3. Redevelopment Studies
  4. Resolutions Designating "Areas in Need of Redevelopment"
  5. Rehabilitation Studies & Designations
  6. Redevelopment Plans & AGREEMENTS
  8. PILOT  & financial AGREEMENTS

Redevelopment Law & Tax Abatements

Beginning in September 2019, the Town Council has taken multiple steps to utilize redevelopment law and tax abatements to proactively drive economic progress and fiscal health for Westfield's future. These steps have included designating properties as areas in need of rehabilitation and areas in need of redevelopment, as well as allowing for tax abatement incentives.

Areas in need of redevelopment were first designated on four parcels on South Avenue East and one on Windsor Avenue (referred to below as Block 3307, Lots 1 and 2; Block 4004, Lot 17; and Block 4005, Lots 3 and 4). These were followed by redevelopment designations of the eight municipal parking lots, the Lord & Taylor properties, and the Rialto property.

In addition, the Council voted to designate the Downtown Special Improvement District as an area in need of rehabilitation, which allows for agreements with property owners to encourage them to improve their properties through five year tax abatements on the value of their improvements. A subsequent ordinance expands the capacity to allow tax abatements on the value of improvements made to historically designated properties.