Memorial Pool Rules & Regulations

Welcome to Westfield Memorial Pool! We hope that you enjoy your stay and are able to take advantage of all we have to offer. 


The complex features 5 pools including the Main Pool at the center of the complex surrounded by the fenced-in Kiddie area which has a Spray Pad with numerous fountains, Training Pool and Kiddie Pool. On the upper deck, there is a two-story double tube Water Slide, Dive Pool with 2 diving boards, and 8 lane Lap Pool. We also feature a snack bar, picnic area, and fenced in playground in the complex. The Men's and Women's rooms have lockers, showers, and changing areas. 


There is a "Family Bathroom" with the key located in first aid. Your safety is our first concern. The First Aid station, located across from the manager's office has a First Aid certified lifeguard in it during normal pool hours. We also have an AED on the premises in the event of a cardiac emergency. We ask that you inform the lifeguards or manager immediately of any injuries or emergency situations.

Rules & Regulations

So that all patrons and guests may enjoy their stay at Westfield Memorial Pool we expect you to adhere to the following rules and regulations:

  • Acceptable Attire:
    • Tasteful attire is required. Managers may ask a pool patron to cover up if they feel the attire is too revealing.
    • Cut-offs and other street clothing (t-shirts, cargo shorts, gym shorts) are not allowed to be worn in the swimming pools.
  • Children:
    • Only U.S. Coastguard certified vests and puddle jumpers may be worn in the pool complex. Please ask the manager on duty if you are uncertain if your child's vest is USCG Certified. No other flotation devices may be used.
    • Swimmers who require diapers are not permitted in the main pool, lap lanes, or diving well.
    • Diapers and rubber pants to cover diapers may be available in the manager's office for a minimal fee.
    • Parents/Guardians with children are welcome to use the Family Bathroom located next to the First Aid room.
  • Emergency Matters:
    • Obstruction of walkways and pool decks is not permitted in case of an emergency.
    • If guards blow their whistle please do not obstruct the walkways to make room for emergency personnel.
    • We do not make announcements over the loudspeaker except in an emergency.
    • In case of thunder and/or lightning all patrons must take cover under the pavilion at the main entrance.
  • Health and Hygiene Matters:
    • Please inform the guards or manager on duty immediately of any "accidents or debris" in the water or on the pool deck. This may require clearing the water for a period of time for health reasons.
    • Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the pool complex at any time.
    • No glass bottles or containers are allowed in the pool complex.
  • Membership and Fees:
    • Members must have a valid membership card to enter the complex or pay the guest fee.
    • Members are allowed to bring guests to the pool at a rate of $12 per person. Anyone 3 years of age and older must pay the guest fee. The member must be present when the guest arrives. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests. We accept cash, credit cards or checks made out to Westfield Memorial Pool. 
    • Non-Member guests are expected to obey all pool rules and are permitted at a rate of $45 per person. Anyone 3 years of age and older must pay the guest fee.
    • You must have your membership card or guest "return pass" to re-enter the complex after leaving.
    • There are no rain checks issued.
    • Must be at least 12 years old to enter the pool complex without adult supervision.
    • Group and private swim lessons are offered. Contact the Recreation Department about group lessons. See the manager on duty about private lessons.
  • Parties and Picnics:
    • Members may host a party in the complex. See the manager for details.
    • Outside food may be brought into the complex but must be disposed of in one of the many garbage cans.
    • Tables may be set up on the grass field subject to the manager's approval. Tables are not allowed in the Kiddie Area.
  • Pool Complex Safety:
    • Watch your children at all times!
    • No running, pushing, dunking, ball playing, or horseplay in pools or pool complex.
    • Toys are not permitted in the Main, Lap, Dive, or Slide pools.
    • Must be 18 years of age or older to enter the whirlpool.
    • Only one person is allowed on either diving board at a time. Follow the instructions of the guard.
    • You must be at least 48" in height and conform to the posted regulations to go on the waterslide. No exceptions.
    • Lap lanes are for lap swimmers only. No games, loitering, or horseplay in lap lanes.
    • No volleyball and badminton nets, canopies, and driving stakes into the ground are not permitted.
    • Music is not to be played at a loud volume and may not have foul language. Mangers have the right to ask the patron to turn down or off the music.
    • Parking on the grass is not permitted.

Any other situations that may arise will be determined at the discretion of the Manager and Recreation Department Staff.

Proper Swim Attire