Westfield Rink at Gumbert Park

The Westfield Ice Rink at Gumbert Park

Welcome to the second season of The Westfield Rink at Gumbert Park, a recreational facility offering the following activities:

  • Adult Hockey - Players must be 18 years old or older. Full equipment is required
  • Family Hockey - A fun program for families to skate together, do drills together, and experience the game of hockey like never before
  • Hosted Events - Host a private event at the Westfield Rink at Gumbert Park
  • Learn to Skate Lessons - Programs available for both children and adults
  • Public Skating - Open skate time for both children and adults
  • Youth Hockey - The youth program is intended for youth players age 17 and under. Full equipment is required

For full schedule details, please visit the Westfield Rink website.

Parking Rules at Gumbert Park

  • Cross Chestnut Street with care and supervise children while crossing. This is a neighborhood rink, so please be respectful of our neighbors at all times
  • Do not drop off at the Chestnut Street entrance
  • Observe all street parking and traffic signs with care
  • Please use the parking lot at the corner of South. Chestnut Street and Fourth Avenue
  • Use the new sidewalks and crosswalk