Road Improvements

Paving 2021

Anticipated Road Improvements Through 2024

As part of the 2021 capital budget, the Town has issued a proposed multi-year road improvements plan. The road assessment program, completed in 2019, enables coordination with utility companies for a multi-year resurfacing plan to achieve the most efficient and cost effective paving operations each year.

If your road is on the schedule for 2022, now is a good time to think about any projects you are considering which require the road to be opened, such as generator installation or switching from oil to gas, to avoid paying a substantial fee after they’ve been paved. It's important to contact the Engineering Office (908-789-4100, ext. 4600) if you have any questions about timing. 

To stay apprised of paving updates, visit the Paving Updates page of our website, our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages (@TownofWestfield), or enroll in email/text alerts

Details about large scale, pre-planned utility work in Town can be found here. Please note that utility work detours not specific to paving are sent out via Nixle by the Police Department. 

  1. 2022
  2. 2023
  3. 2024

2022 Anticipated Road Improvements - Work Performed by the Town

StreetPCI ScoreLimit of WorkStatus
Sedgewick Avenue29Entire lengthComplete
Trails End Road36Entire lengthComplete
Brisbane Place45Entire lengthComplete
Brookside Road45Entire lengthComplete
Oak Tree Pass54Entire lengthComplete
Madison Avenue54Entire lengthComplete
Barchester Way55Entire length Complete
Hamilton Avenue59Entire lengthComplete
Dorian Court60Entire lengthComplete
South Elmer41Entire length Complete
Michael Drive46Entire lengthComplete
Woodbrook Circle51Entire lengthComplete
Drummond Road51Entire lengthComplete
Sandra Circle58Entire lengthComplete
Saunders Avenue*58Entire lengthComplete
Baker Avenue*59Winyah to SaundersComplete
Columbus Avenue*50Elizabeth to dead endComplete
Drake Place*53Scotch Plains Avenue to dead endComplete
Newark Avenue*65Scotch Plains Avenue to GracelandComplete
Lenox Avenue*58Central to ElmerComplete
Prospect Street 65Brightwood to Town LineComplete


* Roads included to finish off the grid in conjunction with Elizabethtown Gas Company Main Replacement Project

2022 Anticipated Road Improvements - Work Performed by Utility Companies

StreetPCI ScoreLimit of WorkStatus
Kimball Avenue
49North Chestnut to Kimball Turn 
Topping Hill Road
68Kimball Turn to Kimball Avenue
Carried from 2021
Winyah Avenue
65Linden to Canterbury Lane
Baker Avenue
59Oak to Winyah 
Linden Avenue
56Oak to WinyahComplete
Linden Avenue
56Saunders to East Broad 
Jefferson Avenue
94Dead end to SaundersComplete
Canterbury Road
55Entire length Complete
Canterbury Lane
51Entire length Complete
Stoneleigh Park80Entire length Complete
Westfield Avenue
56Dorian Road to West GroveComplete
Shackamaxon Drive
60Rahway to Westfield Complete
Washington Street
46Rahway to Summit Complete
Everson Place70Entire length Complete
Beechwood Place73Entire length Complete 
North Euclid Avenue71Entire lengthComplete
East Broad StreetCounty roadNorth Euclid to SpringfieldComplete
South Euclid Avenue64Entire lengthCarried to 2023
Lenox Avenue60Elmer and South ChestnutCarried to 2023
Stanley Avenue74East Broad to ArlingtonCarried to 2023
Archbold Place76Entire lengthCarried to 2023 
Arlington Avenue81Entire lengthCarried to 2023
St Marks Avenue78St Paul to South ChestnutCarried to 2023
Tremont Avenue60St Paul to South ChestnutCarried to 2023
Fairmont Avenue45Entire lengthCarried to 2023
Hillcrest Avenue50Entire lengthCarried to 2023
Cornwall Drive29Entire lengthCarried to 2023
Fourth Avenue 65South Chestnut to North Carried to 2023
South Chestnut Street69Entire lengthCarried to 2023
Ayliffe Avenue
50Entire lengthComplete
Cayuga Way
94Summit Avenue to Otisco DriveComplete
Kensington Drive94Entire lengthComplete
Leigh Drive94Entire length Complete
Marlboro Street 58Pinegrove Avenue to Central Avenue
Mohawk Trail 94Entire lengthComplete
Mohawk Way 94Mohawk Trail to Rahway Avenue
Norwood Drive94Entire length Complete
Otisco Drive86Entire length Complete
Rahway Avenue 94Willow Grove Road to Leigh Drive
Summit Court loop73Summit Avenue to Summit Court
Tamaques Way loop 94Norwood Drive to Norwood Drive
Warren Street45Lamberts Mills Road to South Scotch Plains Avenue
Carried to 2023
Osborn Avenue 40West Broad to First
Carried to 2023
Temple Place48Entire lengthCarried to 2023
Boulevard56South Avenue to Park Carried to 2023
Central AvenueCounty roadEast Broad to SussexComplete
North AvenueCounty roadEntire lengthCarried to 2023
South AvenueCounty roadEntire length Carried to 2023
Park Drive54Entire length Complete
Mountain AvenueCounty roadNorth Euclid to RaymondComplete
Lawrence Avenue75Woods End to RoanokeCarried to 2023
Lawrence Avenue76Roanoke to Kimball Carried to 2023
Lawrence Avenue75Kimball to WalnutCarried to 2023
Breeze Knoll Drive56Entire length Carried to 2023
Munsee Way 94Prospect to Lawrence Carried to 2023
East Dudley Avenue 51Elm to LawrenceCarried to 2023
Pierson Street 94Hyslip to Osborn Carried to 2023
Hyslip Avenue 55Pierson to First Carried to 2023
Edgar Road75Hyslip to Rahway Carried to 2023
Codding Road64Linwood to Rahway Carried to 2023
Dorian Road67Scotch Plains Avenue to HyslipCarried to 2023
Dorian Road67Trinity Place to Westfield AveComplete
Hazel Avenue49First to DorianCarried to 2023
Hyslip Avenue 55First to Dorian Carried to 2023
Westfield Avenue 71South to DorianCarried to 2023
Boulevard56South to ParkCarried to 2023
Carleton Road 44Ross to Park Carried to 2023
Ross Place41Boulevard to South Carried to 2023
Park Street50Westfield Avenue to CentralCarried to 2023