Decorate Your CAKE

Decorate your Compassion, Acceptance, Kindness, and Empathy (CAKE). The following CAKE coloring pages are available:


Compassion, Acceptance, Kindness, and Empathy are the 4 core ingredients to the CAKE initiative. We welcome you to print, color, and share the CAKE logo (PDF) with others. 


When we show compassion (PDF) for others, we show we have deep sympathy for another's misfortune, accompanied by the desire to alleviate the pain or sadness that comes with misfortune. In this coloring page, a little fox shows compassion for a hungry bunny who has no food by sharing his slice of cake. 


When we show acceptance (PDF), we readily and willingly accept and adapt to circumstances that are given, imperfect or flawed as they may be. The chipmunk in this coloring page shows acceptance for herself, flaws and all, which inspires her friends Bunny and Fox to also express acceptance of her into their circle of support. 


Kindness (PDF) is often expressed with sweet action or goodwill with warm and friendly feelings. The friends in this coloring page extend the feeling of goodwill with a chain of kindness in their paper chain. The bunny, fox, and chipmunk friends of previous coloring scenes extend their kindness to wear masks to protect their new friends who have joined them from possible forest germs they might be carrying. 


We feel empathy (PDF) for others when we understand and experience the feelings and emotions that others are feeling from an experience that they are undergoing. While the experience may not be happening to us, we can identify and feel the same response when someone close to us is having the experience themselves. On this coloring page, Chipmunk has spilled her cake, which has upset her greatly. Her friends feel the same disappointment and sadness she feels at the loss of her slice of cake. 

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