2018 Road Improvements

StreetWardLimit of WorkStatus
Brightwood Avenue1Resurface Embree to Town Line (Completes Entire Length)Complete
Elm Street1Resurface Dudley to SinclairComplete
Overhill Street1Resurface Madison to Brisbane PlaceComplete
Park Drive1Resurface Entire LengthComplete
Prospect Street1Resurface North to E Broad StreetComplete
Sylvania Place1Resurface Entire LengthComplete
Tuttle Parkway/Cowperthwaite1Resurface North to Clark Street with DrainageComplete
Walnut Street1Construct New Curbs and Resurface Entire LengthComplete
Benson Place2Resurface E Broad to SalterComplete
Cranford Avenue2Resurface Sherman to Townline (Completes Entire Length)Complete
Fairacres Avenue2Resurface Benson to WellsComplete
Folkstone2Resurface Entire LengthComplete
Fourth Avenue2Resurface South Chestnut to North (Completes Entire Length)Complete
S Euclid2Resurface E Broad Street to Lenox (Completes Entire Length)Complete
St. Marks2Resurface Wells Street to Gallows Hill RoadComplete
Stevens Avenue2Resurface Entire Length and DrainageComplete
Carleton Road3Resurface Park to Washington with DrainageComplete
Grove Street3Resurface Central to Town LineComplete
Grove Street3Resurface Rahway to Central (State Aid - Confirmed)Complete
Sycamore Street3Resurface Ripley to Central (Completes Entire Length)Complete
Arthur Place4Resurface Entire LengthComplete
Bell Drive4Resurface Rahway to Arthur (Completes Entire Length)Complete
Cottage4Resurface Entire LengthComplete
Edgar Road4Resurface Entire LengthComplete
Florence Avenue4Resurface First Street to W BroadComplete
Florence Avenue4Resurface W Broad to Dead EndComplete
Lynwood4Resurface First to EdgarComplete
Marion Avenue4Resurface Entire LengthComplete
N Cottage4Resurface Entire LengthComplete
Nottingham Place4Resurface Entire LengthComplete

Carried over from 2017

StreetWardLimit of WorkStatus
Edgewood Avenue1Construct New Curbs and Resurface (Hanford to Clark)Complete
First Street4Construct New Curbs and Resurface (Scotch Plains to Florence) with DrainageComplete
Shadowlawn Drive4Resurface Scotch Plains to RahwayComplete

County Project

StreetWardLimit of WorkStatus
N Avenue1Resurface Between E Broad and the Town Line at Scotch Plains