Art Takes Flight

The Westfield Public Arts Commission's inaugural exhibit, entitled Art Takes Flight, made its debut in August 2020, featuring 30 fiberglass butterflies -- one for each decade of Westfield's 300 years -- set on pedestals or affixed to trees throughout Downtown Westfield for residents and visitors to enjoy. 

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, this project has taken on additional significance in a time when the community prepares to gradually re-emerge from our homes and back into public life. Walking throughout Town to take in these installations provided residents with safe and broad access to support the work of local artists whose profession has been significantly impacted by COVID-19. 

In December, 18 butterflies were made available for public auction, with all funds raised to support future public art projects in Westfield. The remaining butterflies from the exhibit were purchased by their respective sponsors or kept by the Town for permanent public display.

Art Takes Flight Exhibit Map