Crossing Guard Posts 2021-2022

crossing guard

The Westfield Police Department works closely alongside All City Management Services (ACMS), who manages the Town's crossing guard program, in a partnership to prioritize public safety.

The program is managed this year by two ACMS supervisors, both of whom are local area residents and previously served as crossing guards themselves, and one of whom is a retired law enforcement officer from the Essex County Sheriff’s Office. 

Police officers will always continue to cover any open posts if ACMS is unable to provide coverage for them.  The Traffic Safety Bureau maintains a very close working relationship with ACMS supervisors and communicates with them almost daily throughout the school year. 

In addition, police officers, if not otherwise committed to calls for service, will be conspicuously present in the areas of schools at designated drop-off and pick-up times. This will include our three (3) full-time School Resource Officers (one each assigned to Westfield High School, Edison Intermediate School and Roosevelt Intermediate School), as well as detectives/plainclothes officers assigned to the Juvenile & Community Bureau.

Residents are asked to familiarize themselves with the closest crossing guard post to their walking route prior to the first day of the school year.

Westfield High School
Dorian Rd. / Park St. / Westfield Ave.

Dorian Rd. / Rahway Ave.

Dorian Rd. / Trinity Pl.

Edison Intermediate School
Boulevard / West Grove St.

Rahway Ave. / West Grove St.

Summit Ave. / West Grove St.

West Grove St. / Westfield Ave.

Roosevelt Intermediate School
Clark St. / Tuttle Pkwy.

Clark St. / West Dudley Ave.

East & West Dudley Ave. / Prospect St.

East Dudley Ave. / Lawrence Ave.

Elm St. / Walnut St.

Kimball Ave. / Mountain Ave.

Tuttle Pkwy. / West North Ave.

Tuttle Pkwy. / West South Ave.

Franklin Elementary School
Clark St. / Stanmore Pl.

Elm St. / Sinclair Pl.

Lawrence Ave. / Sinclair Pl.

Newton Pl. / Prospect St.

Prospect St. / Stanmore Pl.

Jefferson Elementary School
Boulevard / Clifton St.

Boulevard / Landsdowne Ave.

Central Avenue / Cambridge Road

Central Avenue / Sycamore Street

Landsdowne Ave. / Summit Ave.

McKinley Elementary School
First St. / Osborn Ave.

First St. / Scotch Plains Ave.

Osborn Ave. / West Broad St.

Tamaques Elementary School
Baltimore Ave. / Willow Grove Rd.

Rahway Ave. / Willow Grove Rd.

Washington Elementary School
Saint Marks Ave. / Sherman St.

Saint Marks Ave. / Wells St.

Wilson Elementary School
Baker Ave. / Kimball Ave.

Baker Ave. / Winyah Ave.

Kimball Ave. / Linden Ave.

Kimball Ave. / North Chestnut St.

Linden Ave. / Winyah Ave.

Lincoln Early Childhood Center
Everson Pl. / Westfield Ave.

Holy Trinity School

First St. / Rahway Ave.

First St. / Trinity Pl.