Westfield and Sustainable Jersey

The Town of Westfield was recently awarded Silver Certification by Sustainable Jersey (SJ) for the second year in a row, a program administered by The College of New Jersey that recognizes municipalities for taking action on a variety of sustainability issues, ranging from environmental to economic to community impacts. More information about SJ can be found at their website, www.sustainablejersey.com

There are only 64 municipalities (out of 565!) in NJ that have achieved Silver Certification. The Town of Westfield is one of less than five municipalities that achieved Silver Certification on its first application. 

The logo for Sustainable Jersey with Silver Certification for Westfield

As an added bonus,  the Town of Westfield was named “Rookie of the Year” in 2020 out of the nine newly-certified municipalities. The SJ Award Ceremony – including Westfield’s Rookie of the Year video – can be found on YouTube.

The Westfield Green Team prepares and submits the SJ application, and scores SJ points as a result of various Town actions, including ordinances, policies, programs, improvements, and community events. Westfield accumulated 360 points as a result of 36 different actions!

Some of these actions include:

  • Organizing Earth Day fairs and Free Market swaps.

  • Implementing the Adopt-a-Drain program and a rain garden at Tamaques Park, as well as several green infrastructure trainings, studies and plans.

  • Encouraging home energy efficiency through a new home audit program with CIEL Power, installing energy efficient window treatments in Town Hall, and conducting energy efficiency audits of five municipal buildings.

  • Providing sustainability and resilience inputs to the Town Master Plan Reexamination Report, Parks and Recreation Plan, Bike and Pedestrian Plan, and the Unified Land Use and Circulation Plan Elements.

  • And many more!

As is often said, sustainability is about People, Planet, and the Prosperity of our community.