Alternative Transportation

Promoting non-automotive transportation in and around Westfield through both improvement of existing infrastructure and the planning process for new development.

You may know us from….

  • The temporary bike lane on a short section of Prospect and bike parking in conjunction with the Foodie Stroll in Oct. 2020.  
  • The permanent shared bike lane markings at the downtown end of Prospect which is increasing bicycling awareness among drivers.
  • The Tour de Westfield bicycling event in September 2021.

Ways you can make a change

  • Bicycle and walk to school and work when possible. Please review some useful tips from the League of American Bicyclists. 

  • Shop and dine downtown with the family on bikes, instead of driving to the mall or Rt. 22 or ordering from Amazon.

  • Park in your driveway instead of the street to allow room for bicyclists.

Helpful resources