Community Engagement

Identifying, creating and providing quality programming so residents and businesses may actively engage in hands-on sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. 

You may know us from...

  • Major Green Team annual sponsored events such as the Free Market, Earth Day, and park cleanups.  
  • A series of videos educating residents about a variety of sustainable practices such as recycling, gardening, anti-idling, storm drain cleanups, and gardening. These were created in partnership with the municipality and Westfield High School students. 
  • Green Collar Career Fair! These recorded sessions introduce students to future careers in the Green Economy. See below for more information.  

Ways you can make a change

  • Try making small steps to change your daily behaviors. There are plenty of suggestions on these pages!
  • Support local businesses that have a Green Medallion hanging in their window.
  • Participate in a Green Team sponsored event.

Green Collar Career Fair - presented by NJ School Boards Association (NJSBA), in association with the Westfield Green Team

Each pre-recorded 40 minute session provides an overview of emerging Green Collar Careers in NJ. Hear about opportunities for future careers that are here now, and will be in demand in the future from an expert in the offshore wind, solar, and recycling/ waste management industries, each moderated by a student. In this valuable and timely series, our speakers will touch on career potential for both college-bound and non-college bound students. Join us to learn how your students can enter the growing Green Collar workforce.  

  • Solar Energy: Todd Menadier, Director of Workforce Development, Solar Landscape
  • Recycling/ Waste Management/ Circular Economy: Gary Sondermeyer, Vice President of Operations, Bayshore Family of Companies, Co-Chair, New Jersey Climate Change Alliance
  • Off-Shore Wind: Crystal Pruitt, External Affairs Lead, and Doug Copeland, Development Manager, both from  Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind: 
Also available is the Green Collar Career fair series from 2021. You can view all 4 panels (of 3-4 speakers each) on the Town of Westfield YouTube page on the Green Team playlist:  Session 1, Session 2, Session 3 and Session 4.