Community Solar

We are proud to bring Community Solar to Westfield. This program allows Westfield residents to get the benefits of 100% renewable energy without the installation of solar panels while reducing your monthly electricity supply costs by 20% to 25%.

Tell me more. What is community solar?

Community solar projects enable greater access to solar energy. Established as part of the Clean Energy Act of 2018, Community Solar projects are approved by the NJ Board of Public Utilities. 

Electric utility customers who have previously been unable to go solar, due to a variety of factors including cost, unsuitable roof, or lack of roof control, can now access this renewable energy and its benefits. Whether you rent or own your home, community solar is a simple smart way to reduce your electric bill and support local green energy. Westfield has partnered with Solar Landscape to provide this opportunity to Westfield residents.

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Summary of benefits:

  • 20-25% savings on your electricity supply costs each month.If you qualify as low-moderate income, your savings are 25%. For everyone else, your savings are 20% 
  • No changes to your utility provider, no fees, and no long-term commitment. Solar credits are applied directly to your utility bill.
  • No new equipment installation.
  • Cancel at any time without penalty.
  • Benefit from 100% renewable energy

Joining is easy, but there is limited availability as the program is offered in multiple municipalities.

We want as many Westfield residents as possible to have this opportunity. Enrollment is open to renters and property owners with no cost to join or long-term contract. Enrollment means becoming a Solar Landscape member but you will still get your power from PSE&G. 

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How does it work?

  • Community solar projects generate clean energy. These solar projects are owned by Solar Landscape and are located throughout New Jersey.
  • The generated renewable energy is fed into the local power grid and offset a portion of the power that you are using in your residence. 
    • *The portion of the power you receive can vary every month because it is based on yours and other subscribers' current and historical energy usage, and the expected production of solar energy from the project that month.
  • You’ll continue to get your electric power from PSE&G and PSE&G will continue to handle any service issues with your electric.
  • One change is that you will get two power bills:

      • Your regular PSE&G bill but it will be for a much lower amount because of the solar credits allocated to your account.
      • You'll also get a bill from Solar Landscapes that reflects the 20% or 25% discount

Sample Bills for Community Solar Program

  • In the above example, the resident paid $163.47 for electric power, instead of an undiscounted cost of $192.36. Pay less and support a more sustainable future!

Making pollution-free energy accessible 

Community solar in New Jersey makes clean energy accessible to low-to-moderate-income (LMI) households by removing barriers to solar power and making it more affordable. Unlike residential solar installations, which require that the customers own their homes, community solar opens solar energy use to those who may rent their home, live in a multi-family building, or do not have the financial resources to pay for a residential installation. This program supports the community with:

  • Minimum of 51% of the overall solar generation of the project to be reserved for low-and moderate-income residents
  • 25% discount on the electricity from the community solar project for Westfield residents that qualify as low-to-moderate income
  • 20% discount on the electricity from the community solar project for Westfield residents that don’t qualify as low-to-moderate income
  • Provide additional benefits to the community through free job training opportunities

LMI qualifications are as follows:

LMI Qualifications for Community Solar